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Keep your customers for life

It can cost up to 5 times more to acquire a new customer than retaining an existing one.
Increasing your customer retention by only 5% can increase profits from 25 - 95%.
You have a 60 - 70% chance of selling to an existing customer, and only a 5 - 20% chance of selling to a new one.

Source: OutboundEngine

Businesses spend a lot of time and energy looking for new customers and that's necessary to grow a business. But very few put that same time and energy into retaining their existing customers. Statistics show that the conversion rate of existing customers, is much higher than that of new customers. We help you to make your business more "sticky" so that your customers stay with you for life.

Impact of bad customer experiences

of unhappy customers will leave without
of customers will switch to a competitor after
bad customer service
of customers tell family and friends about
a bad experience
of customers will avoid a brand for 2 years after
a bad experience
Source: Smallbizgenius

Why customers leave:

of customers believe companies don't really care
about them or their needs
of customer are dissatisfied by the service they get
from companies they deal with
of customers are persuaded to go to a competitor by
a friend or family member
of customers move away
Source: Finance Online

We help you to optimise your customer database so that you build better relationships with your customers and better understand their needs and requirements. We help you to make the right contact at the right time so that your customers know they are important to you. We help you to create customers for life.

Benefits of great customer service

of customers will buy again from companies
who offer excellent customer service
of customers stay loyal due to friendly
customer service
is what consumers will spend more at a company
with great service
of customers would recommend a brand after a
positive shopping experience
Source: Hubspot

Benefits of customer relationship management (CRM)

of customers value brands that seek
customer feedback
of companies who value the customer experience
show an increase in revenue
of companies view customer experience
an their competitive advantage
of customers will do repeat business if a
company offers a personalised service
Source: Forbes

A customer-centric culture boosts customer satisfaction, but it is just as important to boost employee satisfaction.
Happy and attentive employees create a positive experience for your customers.
Companies with happy employees show 147% higher earnings per share than their competitors.

Source: OutboundEngine

Keeping your employees happy are crucial to keeping your customers happy. There are many factors impacting employee satisfaction, which impacts their productivity and your profits. The most common are stress, a lack of employee engagement, too many unnecessary distractions and poor communication. We help you to identify the factors keeping your employees from delivering world-class service and put solutions in place to keep them loyal, happy and engaging positively with your customers.

Impact of stress on employees

feel less productive
when stressed
feel less engaged
when stressed
feel less productive
due to poor work-life balance
feel tired, anxious or ill
them to miss work
Source: Anxiety and Depression Association of America

Impact of poor communication

increase in
employee stress levels
delay in or failure to
complete projects
performance goals
decrease in
employee morale
Source: Pinnacle Performance Company

Once we have identified the factors impacting employee satisfaction and hindering productivity in your workspace, we work with you through workshops, different profiling tools and individual coaching sessions to identify and address personal stressors, to identify each person's personal productive zone, to explain different communication styles and to improve company culture and employee engagement.

Benefits of a personal productive zone

of employees say they will be
more productive
of employees say they will be
happier at work
of employees say they will be
more motivated to do their best
of employees say they will
deliver higher quality work
Source: Five To Nine

Benefits of highly engaged employees

increase in
employee productivity
increase in
reduction in
employee turnover rate
reduction in
absenteeism rate
Source: Gallup

How you benefit by our services



How we boost customer satisfaction

We help you to optimise your customer database

Having a clean and efficient database is the starting point of giving excellent customer service. It is the place where a company keeps records of past purchases and future needs of customers. We help you to create a central point from where you can run effective customer relationship strategies to ensure your customers are satisfied and keep coming back.

We help you to understand your customers' needs

Getting feedback from your customers and acting on that feedback shows customers you care about them and value their opinions. It will strengthen your relationship with regular clients and can help you to get old customers back. We help you to get the customer feedback and to follow up with customers who are not buying from you any longer.

We help you to make the right contact at the right time

Identifying customers that can be contacted with specific offers helps boost customer loyalty and repeat business. We help businesses to target regular customers with special offers to up-sell on recent purchases or to remind them close to previous purchase "anniversaries" that it is time for their monthly manicure, quarterly review or annual service.

We help you to create customers for life

Analysing your customer base and purchase patterns is a great way to identify which customers you want to retain as long as possible, and which ones you don't mind losing. Because let's be honest, some clients are rude, never satisfied and unpleasant. We will help you identify the customers you should focus on and will put strategies in place to ensure they become your biggest fans.

How we boost employee satisfaction and productivity

We help you to identify personal stressors

By identifying what our personal stressors are and learning how to manage it effectively, we will be healthier and our minds will be sharper. But everybody is different - what some find energising, others might find stressful. It is important to understand our individual stress triggers and to implement the best strategies to actively manage our stress levels.

We help you to improve office communication

Communication between co-workers has a direct impact on productivity. Poor communication leads to misunderstanding, conflict, frustration and wasted time searching for clarity or information. You can significantly increase productivity by understanding the different ways that people communicate and want to be communicated to. We each have a unique communication style - awareness of our own style as well as those of our colleagues can improve teamwork, efficiency and the company culture as a whole.

We help you to improve employee engagement and company culture

Having actively engaged employees is vital to any business. Engaged employees are committed to their work, they support their company's vision and goals and they are happy to come to work. And happy employees are loyal and productive - they will go the extra mile, treat your customers better, stay with you longer and contribute to a positive company culture.

We help you to identify personal productive zones

We underestimate the impact that our direct working space has on our productivity, health and stress levels. It is very important to identify the space and place you will be most productive in. Some people thrive in a busy, noisy, open plan set-up while others find the same environment stressful and distracting. Unfortunately it is not always possible to give easily distracted employees their own offices, but by identifying their personal productive zones and making small changes, you can make a huge difference to their productivity and wellbeing.

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1. Providing you with the tools, strategies and support to ensure your customers are happy and stay loyal;
2. Creating a work space conducive to high productivity and keeping your employees happy and healthy so that they can deliver excellent customer service.

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Annemarie Cilliers

More about us

I started The Productivity Lab CC in 2011, after a career of 18 years in the corporate world. During the 18 years, I gained a thorough understanding of the factors that hinder a company’s productivity and profitability. But I also saw the benefits of effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and effective Employee Relationship Management (ERM). I decided to make both CRM and ERM the focus areas of my business. The magic lies in the "R" - it is all about relationships.

I assist companies to consolidate their customer information onto a single system that can be used not only to build and enhance customer relationships through regular (and appropriate) contact, but also to track leads, targets and sales.

My passion for people drives me to assist businesses to adopt a company culture where employees look forward to coming to work and where customers look forward to their next purchase. I love win-win situations!

I hold a B.Comm Industrial Psychology degree and I collaborate with other professionals to fill the gaps I don't focus on.

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