Areas of focus

The Productivity Lab specialises in the following areas, on a once-off or regular basis, whatever suits your needs best: 

Business and Administrative Services - virtual and onsite
  • Client relationship management, to ensure you retain your existing clients and build long-term relationships with them.
  • Lead management, to ensure you follow up and stay in touch with prospective clients.
  • Sales support, to give your more time to focus on selling and not sales administration.

Increasing Employee & Workplace Productivity
  • Identifying individuals’ innate strengths and habits to assist them to better understand themselves and their colleagues and making them aware of red flags than can hinder performance and relationships.
  • Screening prospective employees before you hire them, to ensure they will suit the role and fit in with the rest of the company culture.
  • Ensuring that the right employees are in the right positions, working in environments best suited to their skills and work style preferances.
  • Reallocating tasks and resources to ensure people do not spend unproductive time on tasks they are not naturally suited to.
  • Facilitating interactive workshops to explain the different personality profiles – once people understand why others act and react the way they do, it is easier to work together.
  • Putting suggestions forward on how to form project teams so that team members complement each other and complete projects and tasks by applying their natural strengths.