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I started The Productivity Lab in 2010, after a career of 18 years in the corporate world. During the 18 years, I gained a thorough understanding of the factors that hinder a company’s productivity. I also realised that most people never reach their full potential, mainly because they are not aware of all they are capable of.

My passion for people drives me to assist businesses to adopt a company culture where employees look forward to coming to work. Where there is mutual respect, collaboration, employee engagement, job satisfaction and even some fun. I firmly believe that happy employees are productive employees and I love win-win solutions!

I hold a B.Comm Industrial Psychology degree and I collaborate with other professionals to fill the gaps I don't focus on.

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Contact me for more information and a no-obligation quote on how we can address your specific needs to improve productivity in your business. Our focus is on creating a work space conducive to high productivity and keeping your employees happy, healthy and actively engaged.

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Annemarie Cilliers