There are several factors that can affect a company’s productivity.  The aim of The Productivity Lab is to assist you in identifying these factors and then finding solutions for them.

Our approach is two-fold:
  • We specialise in getting employees to perform at their best and improving teamwork. 
  • We offer specialised business services to take care of time consuming, but necessary functions.

Improving Employee & Workplace Productivity
We believe that people are the most important part of any business. We are passionate about ensuring you have the right person in the right position, not only according to skill, but also personality. We make use of both Shadowmatch and the i3 Profiling methodology, proven and highly effective processes.  Our services include:
  • Identifying individuals’ innate strengths and habits to assist them to better understand themselves and their colleagues and making them aware of red flags than can hinder performance and relationships.
  • Screening prospective employees before you hire them, to ensure they will suit the role and fit in with the rest of the company culture.
  • Ensuring that the right employees are in the right positions, working in environments best suited to their skills and work style preferances.
  • Reallocating tasks and resources to ensure people do not spend unproductive time on tasks they are not naturally suited to.
  • Facilitating interactive workshops to explain the different personality profiles – once people understand why others act and react the way they do, it is easier to work together.
  • Putting suggestions forward on how to form project teams so that team members complement each other and complete projects and tasks by applying their natural strengths.

Business Services:
By taking care of the more administrative business functions, we give you more time to focus on your business.  Our services include:
  • Client Relationship Management, to ensure you retain existing clients and build long-term relationships with them
  • Lead management, to ensure you follow up and stay in touch with prospective clients
  • Sales Support, to give you more time to focus on selling, and not doing sales administration

Who can benefit from our services?
  • Corporate companies
  • Small business owners, entrepreneurs, independent professionals and busy executives
  • Home based offices

The underlying principles of The Productivity Lab’s services:
  • To increase productivity, by applying proven strategies to inspire people to perform optimally.
  • To give you peace of mind, by delivering a professional and reliable service.


Contact us for a free consultation with absolutely no obligation on how to increase productivity and streamline your business.  

Confidentiality Promise
We guarantee total confidentiality and discretion in all matters concerning your business.