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Helping you to improve employee and workplace productivity

What we do

The Productivity Lab CC assists individuals and companies to boost their productivity levels. There are many factors impacting productivity - the most common are stress, a lack of employee engagement, too many unnecessary distractions and poor communication. We help you to identify the factors hampering productivity in your business.

Impact of stress on employees

feel less productive
when stressed
feel less engaged
when stressed
feel less productive
due to poor work-life balance
feel tired, anxious or ill
them to miss work
Source: Anxiety and Depression Association of America

Impact of poor communication

increase in
employee stress levels
delay in or failure to
complete projects
performance goals
decrease in
employee morale
Source: Pinnacle Performance Company

Once we have identified the factors hindering productivity in your workspace, we work with you through workshops, different profiling tools and individual coaching sessions to identify and address personal stressors, to identify each person's personal productive zone, to explain different communication styles and to improve company culture and employee engagement. We believe that this is what team building is all about - better understanding ourselves and better understanding the people we work with.

Benefits of a personal productive zone

of employees say they will be
more productive
of employees say they will be
happier at work
of employees say they will be
more motivated to do their best
of employees say they will
deliver higher quality work
Source: Five To Nine

Benefits of highly engaged employees

increase in
employee productivity
increase in
reduction in
employee turnover rate
reduction in
absenteeism rate
Source: Gallup

How you benefit by our services

Job Satisfaction
Individual productivity
Team productivity

Missed deadlines
Office Conflict
Staff turnover

How we do it

We help you to identify personal stressors

By identifying what our personal stressors are and learning how to manage it effectively, we will be healthier and our minds will be sharper. But everybody is different - what some find energising, others might find stressful. It is important to understand our individual stress triggers and to implement the best strategies to actively manage our stress levels.

We help you to improve office communication

Communication between co-workers has a direct impact on productivity. Poor communication leads to misunderstanding, conflict, frustration and wasted time searching for clarity or information. You can significantly increase productivity by understanding the different ways that people communicate and want to be communicated to. We each have a unique communication style - awareness of our own style as well as those of our colleagues can improve teamwork, efficiency and the company culture as a whole.

We help you to improve employee engagement and company culture

Having actively engaged employees is vital to any business. Engaged employees are committed to their work, they support their company's vision and goals and they are happy to come to work. And happy employees are loyal and productive - they will go the extra mile, treat your customers better, stay with you longer and contribute to a positive company culture.

We help you to identify personal productive zones

We underestimate the impact that our direct working space has on our productivity, health and stress levels. It is very important to identify the space and place you will be most productive in. Some people thrive in a busy, noisy, open plan set-up while others find the same environment stressful and distracting. Unfortunately it is not always possible to give easily distracted employees their own offices, but by identifying their personal productive zones and making small changes, you can make a huge difference to their productivity and wellbeing.

Contact us

Contact me for more information and a no-obligation quote on how we can address your specific needs to improve productivity in your business.

Our focus is on creating a work space conducive to high productivity and keeping your employees happy, healthy and actively engaged.

I look forward to hearing from you!
Annemarie Cilliers

More about us

I started The Productivity Lab in 2010, after a career of 18 years in the corporate world. During the 18 years, I gained a thorough understanding of the factors that hinder a company’s productivity. I also realised that most people never reach their full potential, mainly because they are not aware of all they are capable of.

My passion for people drives me to assist businesses to adopt a company culture where employees look forward to coming to work. Where there is mutual respect, collaboration, employee engagement, job satisfaction and even some fun. I firmly believe that happy employees are productive employees and I love win-win solutions!

I hold a B.Comm Industrial Psychology degree and I collaborate with other professionals to fill the gaps I don't focus on.

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